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WE ARE MOVING!!! Our new website can be located at

Come and visit us!! Would love to see you there!

Welcome to Zirkcreek Rottweilers. My background is in Communication, I have both a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Simon Fraser University. I graduated with honours, and my thesis was nominated for a Governor General of Canada Award. I have always been fascinated by communication, and it was a short hop to become obsessed with the communication between me and my furry friends! I actively compete in competitive obedience (my passion!) but I also love to compete in conformation (breed ring), herding, carting, and I've dabbled in agility and some tracking. My breed of choice is Rottweilers, click on any of the highlights to see the accomplishments and many successes I've have with my dogs! I am a reward based, positive trainer, and I love to share my knowledge with those who want to improve their relationship with their dogs, whether for performance sports, or to have a more harmonious relationship with their best furry friends! But mostly, these dogs enrich our lives to no end. We simply cannot imagine life without our Rottie crew! Enjoy the candids below!!!

Emmy Lou is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound. Puppies are due April 3 2018. Contact me for more information!

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The Rankin pack, coming back from a hike in the woods! Currently Jim and I share our lives with (left to right) Dinah, her daughter DJ, DJ's Daddy Jazz and Auntie Ella, who is a half sister to Jazz.

You can contact me via my email address: hedy@hedyrankin.com