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                   Emmy Lou is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound. 
                            Puppies are expected April 3, 2018!!

Ad for Breeding EL and Gavin[13210].jpg

We are so very excited about this upcoming breeding. Gavin and Emmy Lou share type, temperament and are both very biddable. This is a very loose line breeding with some very famous and beautiful dogs behind their pedigrees. Please contact Hedy for further information on what we are expecting from the litter. Check out Emmy Lou's page for more on her accomplishments and candid's. Lots of Gavin photos to share. He was an amazing boy who had personality plus! Loved to make us all laugh, which he did on a regular basis!

click on this pic to see EL's pedigree infoEmmy Lou finishing her championship at 11 months old! Click on her picture to see her pedigree information on Pawvillage

Click on this link to see Emmy Lou's health clearances from OFA

click on Gavin's pic to see his pedigree infoGavin going Best of Winners with Hedy at the other end of the leash. This was Gavin's first time in the AKC breed ring, and what a thrill that was. To win over so many lovely dogs at the Working dog show and the AKC regional specialty in Redmond Wa, for a FIVE POINT MAJOR!
Click on Gavin's picture to see his pedigree info on Pawvillage!

Click on this link to see Gavin's health clearances from OFA

Emmy Lou...her lovely movement is so obvious, even from a very young age. She is about 10 months old here

Emmy Lou's first points...at 7 months old she took the breed over a lovely male special!! That was pretty exciting!

EL new Grand Champion, going BOB to finish!! That was so exciting, she beat a couple of very nice male specials with that win!! A ton of fun!

Best of Winners

Hedy and Gavin flying around the ring at the ARC Rottweiler National Specialty in Pomona California in 2013.

And another very fun win! Hedy and Gavin winning Select at the AKC shows in Enumclaw! Gavin was almost 10 years old at the time! Still such a blast to show!

BOB! with his momma at the end of the leash!!

Janel and Gavin winning Best Veteran Sweeps at the Rottweiler Club of Canada Regional Specialty in BC

Gavin and Janel working on their CDX First leg....love her smile!! That was such a fun win!

Gavin earned his first two UD legs on the same weekend! That was so amazing!!

New CKC OTCH Gavin and Janel

such a happy worker!

One of Gavin's first carting lessons! He looked good!

handsome working man Gavin!

Gavin and Janel earned both their ARC Carting Started and Carting Intermediate titles the same weekend!

and a shot from a trip of a lifetime. Coming back from the ARC Nationals in Pomona California, we spent a week on the Oregon Coast. This is Dinah, Gavin, and DJ on the beach in Oregon! Great memories and good times!

Gavin loved the pool

and always such a good sport! And he wore his Crosby hat well!


Dinah (EL's grandma) and Gavin

Gavin loved his ladies. This is Ella and Gavin, two golden oldies!

Gavin and Ella

Gavin and Ella playing they were just adorable together!

Beautiful young Gavin

Handsome Gavin a few years older. Still gorgeous!

Gavin and his kitty....he loved Mel cat!

Gavin herding...he was a natural on stock