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Ella, she was purchased as my second performance/show prospect from the same breeder I purchased Jazz from. The breeder, who was very involved in herding, started Ella on sheep, "putting them away" from the time she was about 5 or 6 weeks old. Unfortunately by the time Ella was 12 weeks old, she had developed an OCD in her hock, a life long debilitating injury that left her off and on lame again for the rest of her life. Rather than letting a minor 'hitch in her get-a-long" get her down, Ella lived her life up to her potential, thrilling me with a CDX, an ARC Carting title, and a ton of 'Ella stories' to last me a lifetime, with epic stories! Ella is definitely one of a kind. We are so blessed to still have her hail and hearty at almost 12 years old (as of December 2017) and she still our "Queen of Everything". Ella has been a constant companion to my elderly mother (who lives with us), as well as the Supreme 'puppy raiser'. Ella loves babies, is fair, but FIRM when required, and has definitely been the light of our lives! We feel completely blessed to call Ella ours, and I will be eternally grateful we have been the very lucky ones to call her ours!

new AKC RN

my pretty Ella in her working harness

Our first and only foray in the breed ring...Ella's conformation wasn't good enough to keep going, but boy did we have fun that day! And she went BOB puppy over another Rottweiler puppy! FUN times!

Ella with her cart

New Rally Advanced Title love this judge!!

Ella running a sheep into the fence...that was how she rolled in the herding ring...over the top prey drive! lol

2nd place for one of her AKC Rally advanced legs

Oh these candids of Ella earning her ARC Carting Started title bring back memories...and legendary Ella stories!

Over the bridge for her ARC Carting Started title

Darling baby Ella! She was sure cute!

Another great memory and another Ella epic story around getting this leg at the AKC nationals in Greeley Colorado in 2010!

absolutely everyone who meets Ella is quickly and forever under her spell!

I was spectacularly proud of Miss Ella earning her CDX! And with very nice scores!!!

New CKC CD fantastic job too Miss Ella!

Ella at 11 years old

haha..the drool!

Even as a senior Ella has a lot of zest for life.

Jazz and baby Ella

My girl Ella livin' large and lovin' life

Ella with her great nieces Ali and Emmy Lou

That is baby Dinah mo going after Ella!

My golden girl at 11 years young

a young Ella and Jazz man

Queen in training

Greetings from the Oregon Coast Ella Dinah Jazz

hanging out on the fireplace young Ella and Jazz

Just out of the pool

silly stuck her head thru the door opening in the RV lolol!

Baby Ella with my brother Gord

Xmas from years gone by Mom with Ella and Jazzy

pretty Ella

Celebrating my mom's 96th birthday February 13 2016