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Had a fantastic weekend at the Ladies Kennel Club and Elsie Murray shows in Chilliwack.  We are so super pleased to announce ANOTHER Zirkcreek GRAND CH. Miss Ali went BOS on Friday and Saturday, when she finished her GR CH title, and Select on Sunday with Auntie Janel at the other end of the lead!

Not to be left out Emmy Lou was BOS on Sunday and Monday. Both girls are done with the breed ring in Canada, and we will be moving on to pursue performance titles next!

Got a cute pic with the judge who awarded them their placements on Sunday. Emmy Lou was BOS and Ali was Select. Fun!!!

had a great weekend at the Fraser Valley Dog Show. Ali BOS x 3 EL Select x 3 and Dinah finished her RA with a beautiful run! Ali is closing in on her Grand CH! Just needs a few singles to finish!

Thanks Janel Bush for the
beautiful candids of the girls
at the show. Ali Bean just
after winning Best Op of Monday!

And Miss Emmy Lou
Select again on Monday!

Dinah Mo finished her RA at the FVDF show as well this past weekend. Beautiful run,
and a beautiful score from my lovely working girl at almost 9 years old!

We had a BLAST at the Kamloops shows on the long weekend. It was truly Ali's weekend. We kicked off the Friday with Ali going BOS, Emmy Lou going Select,(and daddy Jim was showing her, making HIS debut in the show ring, what fun THAT was!!). Gramma Dinah mo did an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job earning her first Rally Advanced leg with a second place finish and a beautiful score of 99!

EL with her new handler! They really had fun together!

Ali was BOB and we went on to a GROUP 3 on Saturday in Kamloops!!! Wow that was an exciting and super fun win! Emmy Lou was Select.

On Sunday, Ali TOOK THE BREED again!!! EL Select, and Gramma Dinah mo earned leg number 2 of her Rally Advanced title, again with a second place finish and a score of 99...and just a beautiful run again!!

Monday Ali was BOS and EL,  yep you guessed it, was Select!  All in All quite a weekend for us at Zirkcreek!

Bittersweet weekend. We attended the BC Lab ob trials in Maple Ridge. Dinah mo finished out her incredible career with two beautiful utility runs in very hot and humid conditions! I was so super proud of her....not many of the  seasoned competitors even Q'd. Love my Dinah mo

We had a blast at the Pacific Kennel shows in Surrey BC. Over the 4 days Ali was BOS and Select, and Emmy Lou was Select two days! Fun!!!

Home from a very successful trip to Vancouver Island. We attend the 4 day shows hosted by the Nanaimo Kennel Club with the girls and they did GREAT!  Miss Ali finished her Championship the first day, Thursday going Best of Winners! Thanks Janel for taking Ali in for BOW! Much appreciated!!
Ali made her debut on Friday as a Special and was Select bitch and Select on  Sunday as well earning her first 2 Gr Champion points!

Miss Emmy Lou also had a great weekend on the Island, Thursday she went BOS, Friday BOS, Saturday BEST OF BREED! over a very nice male special!! and Sunday she was also BOS. Emmy Lou  finished her Grand Championship in Nanaimo! We are so incredibly proud of her, and her sister. The girls turned 19 months old on Friday at the show!

We are learning a new game..
carting lessons have started and both girls are doing fantastic! This is Ali

EL looking like a pro!

We attended our Dumbbell Obedience club's annual trial. What a great lot of fun we all had. Miss Dinah mo, at 81/2 years old was entered all four trials, and had great runs in open B and utility B. Dinah mo came out of retirement for this trial (hasn't shown in obedience for over a year now) but ROCKED it! She was high scoring Rottweiler all four trials. I am incredibly proud of my girl! She still has it in spades!

Dinah Mo High Scoring Rottweiler x 4 (and earned $100.00)

Some candids of me and my Dinah Mo KILLING it in the U/B and O/B rings at the dumbbell trial!

Her movement is still flawless...

and check out that attention! Perfection! I had so much fun showing her off again!

Ali and Emmy Lou also made their debut at the Dumbbell club's Rally trial. Very proud of both my girls as they came home with brand spanking new Rally Novice titles, and each earned a High in Class (nice they shared that honour, lol) Ali taking the HIC at the morning trial on Sunday and Emmy Lou taking High in Class in the afternoon trial. They were very good girls for their first time in at a real trial

So very proud of these two

A few candids of their debut in the Rally ring, thanks for the pictures Janel!







The HAUL from the weekend! WOW!

Ali and EL showed a couple of days (out of 5) at the Renaissance shows.... EL was BOS for 3 GCH points on the Thursday,  and then Select for 2 more Grand Champion points on the Saturday. Ali was reserve winners on Saturday (after winning and beating 3 bitches both days from the BBX class, she got walked on the Thursday). Both girls showed nicely for me. Thanks Janel for all your help, as usual!

these two!! Love them so!!

happy birthday beautiful! We are so blessed to be able to celebrate this special b-day with you!

Ella bella

Still loves the pool too!

Love her so

My Ella

Great start to the year! Miss Ali went Best of Breed at the Mount Cheam Show in Chilliwack, over TWO specials!! Way to go Ali Bean!! In the afternoon at the second showshe was Best Opposite!! over her sister :-) nice job and earning another 5 points towards her CKC Championship on the weekend.  Sister Emmy Lou was Select both shows on Thursday and on Sunday Emmy Lou went Best Opposite! What a fun weekend!!

Ali BOB! So proud of my little girlie!! Nice job of showing like a star!

On Sunday Ali went Best of Winners and Emmy Lou wen Best Of Opposite at the same show...got a cute pic of them together!

Many thanks to my good pal Janel for helping us in the ring this weekend!