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Happy Howlidays!

With great pleasure Zirkcreek welcomed two beautiful baby girls into the world. We are so proud and excited about these two lovely girls, Alison (Ali for short) and Emmy Lou. What a fun and wonderfully magical Christmas it was with two darling babies to enjoy the holidays with!

Jess and Flash had a brilliant time at the Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty shows in Illinois. They won BACK TO BACK High In Trials at the shows on Thursday and Friday. I am so incredibly proud of these two...From the breed ring to the obedience ring, Zirkcreek pups can do it all!

this beautiful candid says it all. This was taken during their ob demo prior the specialty starting. The team that wins High in Trial does an ob demo for the crowd. And they WOWED the crowd with their performance! The teamwork and the devotion Flash has for his momma Jess is undeniable. Photo credit Calvin Reyes.

Flash finishes his AKC Championship at the Wine Country shows in New York. Flash took the major to finish today, Saturday September 26. I thank Jessica for getting her lovely boy out and to his fabulous handler Val McGraw for handling Flash all the way to his AKC Championship. I am over the moon proud of Flash and Jessica. Flash is my first home bred AKC Champion! What a great day for Zirkcreek Rottweilers! Flash is officially known as AM CH Zirkcreek All That Flash CD BN RA V-2 Rated! An incredibly proud breeder here!

Flash's official win pic. Many thanks to Valerie McGraw for handling Flash to his AKC CH so beautifully all the way!

Some Candids of Flash and Val in the ring today.....

Flashie winning his class. On the way to earning his new AKC CH!

Flash New AKC CH!

Flash   Am CH Zirkcreek All That Flash CD BN RA V-2 Rated

The month of August has been absolutely wonderful for Zirkcreek!, right to the very end of the month!  Flash, AKA V-2 Rated, Zirkcreek All That Flash CD RA BN earned his CD in three straight trials with three great runs, and lovely scores to match 198, 195 and 197.5 with his momma Jess in New Hampshire this past weekend! I am incredibly proud of you both! Big Congrats!!

Handsome Boy Flash!!

Practicing their ob moves together..

...they are becoming such a super great team together!

Handsome AND Smart.....New CD

We had a great weekend at the four day shows in Enumclaw, Wa. Lots of fun and brags!! DJ thrilled me by taking a FOUR POINT MAJOR from the BRED BY class at the Mount Rainier Working Dog Specialty on Friday.  What a thrill to be awarded a major from bred by. These are DJ's first AKC points and really it was her first weekend out in the US with competition (I showed her in Mount Vernon Washington in June this year, but sadly, she was the only Rottweier entered that weekend).

Thanks to Janel Bush for the candids of us in the breed ring together

Free stacking for the judge! :-)

on the move

Her momma Dinah MITE also thrilled me this past weekend winning BACK TO BACK High in Trials at the Mount Rainier Working Dog Obedience trials on Thursday and Friday, and finishing her AKC UD on Thursday in style!!! So incredibly proud of Dinah and all she has accomplished!

and we also won High in Trial from the Utility B class the next day at the Mount Rainier Working Dog Specialties...So incredibly proud of my Dinah MO!

LOTS of SWAG! Thank  you Mount Rainier Working Dog Club for putting on a great specialty!

I also had the absolute thrill of showing Janel's lovely boy Gavin in the Veteran's class and on Sunday Gavin went Best Veteran and then was awarded Select Male  OVER 5 MALE SPECIALS!! What a fun win that was for us. Gavin will be 10 in December!

DJ made her official debut into the obedience Novice B ring at the Retriever Club's Obedience trial August 8 and 8 at Albion Fairgrounds and WHAT a great debut....earning two legs with High In Class placements for both and with lovely performances and scores of 198.5 and 195,5. DJ is a TWO legged dog!!!

GREAT news from the Springfield shows in MA. Flash goes BOW for his first MAJOR!!! with Val expertly handling him! I am so proud! On the home stretch, Flash has 13 points. He needs a major to finish his AKC CH!

What a super win pic!!! Congrats Jessica and Flash!

Busy month....took the girls (DJ and Dinah) to the Bell Vernon show in Mount Vernon, Wa Dinah mo earned her second AKC UD leg (and a first placement). DJ was the only Rottweiler entered, so we got the chance to play in the Working Group and the Owner/handler group rings. It was hot, hot HOT down there but both girls did well and showed like champs!

Tony and Angel earned another Novice B leg with a lovely score of 196.5 AND at the same trial (Richmond Dog Fanciers) they also earned another Rally Advanced leg with a perfect score! Congrats guys, great job!!

Handsome Flash was BOW  two out of four days at the all breed shows in Maine. So proud of Flash and Jess, and what a super job handling Val!

And meanwhile on the East Coast Flash and Jessica were burning up the Conformation rings! Flash went BOW two days in a row! He's almost pointed out, and is now starting on the hunt for his majors!

had a wonderful and fun time at the ARC Carting test in Oregon. The girls came home with two new titles apiece...both earned their carting started and carting intermediate titles....so proud of the two of them, they did great!

and some candids of us doing our thing on the carting course!

Dinah Fast

Dinah thru the gate

Dinah over the bridge

Dinah waiting for me to open the gate

right turn Dinah mo

DJ thru the gate

over the bridge

DJ waiting for me to open the gate

And at the Springfield shows in Ma. Flash was WD on both the Friday and the Sunday (April 3 and 5).  Go Flash and Jessica!!!!

Candids of Flash and Val in the ring together, they look GREAT together!

Good boy Flashie!

What an incredibly fun RCC Regional Specialty I had. It was a ton of work for me to put it on, but it was so rewarding, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We got a really nice entry of 50 in conformation at the specialty on Saturday April 4, and another 12 dogs entered in the Rottweiler ONLY obedience and rally trial on Friday April 3.

Dinah was awarded Select Female under judge German judge Ms. H Assenmacher-Feyel at the Specialty on Saturday. I had an absolute blast showing off my girlie in the breed ring again. Dinah enjoyed herself too! Such a proud owner/handler I am!

I was absolutely over the moon when Dinah daughter Angel and her wonderful owner Tony Kim won HIGH in Trial from the Novice B class, beating out momma Dinah mo for this wonderful win! And if that wasn't enough, they were also High in Class in the Rally Advanced B class!!Congratulations to Tony and Angel. I am sure this is the first of many highlights on their journey in competitive obedience together. I am so incredibly proud of you both!

Angel knows she did good! Look at that happy face!!

Winning High in Trial from the Novice B class at the Rottweiler Club of Canada's Regional Specialty April 3, 2015

Mommy Dinah mo also gave a very lovely performance winning the Open B class at the show. Always so enjoy having my best girl and partner in the ring with me....

a few candids of Dinah and her momma in the ob ring...we had a great time together, as usual! Thank you so much Poi Apele for these wonderful pics! I will treasure them forever!!!

havin a laugh with the judge in the ring....

on her long down

and a few more candids of Tony and Angel

love this one!

High in TRIAL!!!

HIC Novice B class Rottweiler Club of Canada Regional Specialty April 3 2015 Chilliwack BC

DJ finishes her CKC Championship with GREAT style!  At the Oceanside Kennel Club show in Cloverdale BC on Sunday March 29, DJ went BOB over a very nice multi-group winning male special for that last point she needed to finish. We had a blast in the Working Group ring together, making the cut from a nice line up, and then was awarded a GROUP 3 from Judge Dr. Tamas Jakkal. I am so incredibly proud of my little monkey, she really shone brightly this weekend!

2015 starts off with a BANG!!!!  My darling Dinah mo not only met but exceeded my expectations at our first obedience trial of the new year. On Saturday, March 7, Dinah finished her OTCHx and her MOTCH at the Golden Retriever Club's obedience trial in Cloverdale, BC. Dinah needed a double Q fro the open B and the utility B classes. As well she needed a total of 7 points to meet the requirements for her MOTCH points (40 points required in total, as well as 5 double Q's and a High in Class from either the Open B or the Utility B classes). I am incredibly proud of this girlie. She is and has been a dog in a lifetime! Dinah is now formally known as GRCH MOTCH Am/CH Phantom Wood Mystery Lady OTCHx AM CDX RE PCD JHDs.

Big Smiles, my oh so beautiful, smart and willing girlie. Love you with all my heart Dinah!

The Jazz tones are all grown up!  Click on any of the pics below to see how the Jazz tones are growing up!