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Happy Howlidays!

Ending the year with a BANG! Miss DJ took BOB over a nice male special, WB AND BOW at the Auld Lang Syne show in Chilliwack, BC on Dec 13. She showed wonderfully well for me, and we had a blast together! She was a good girl, and even when we didn't show again in the group ring at the end of a long day, she showed beautifully! I am incredibly proud as DJ's breeder/owner/handler! What a super way to end the year!

Home from the Elsie Murray Obedience trial. So happy to report that Dinah mo earned her 4th OTCHx leg on Saturday, in very trying conditions. Way to go MO! That MOTCH is on the horizon!!

Handsome and smarty pants Flashie earned his Rally Advanced title at the Springfield MA shows with Jessica, earning two placements and two PERFECT scores in three straight runs!!!  Way to go you guys!!

At the show, Flash got to spend some time with Val, he is learning how to be a show dog! They look great together!

Flashie, AKA V-2 Rated Zirkcreek All That Flash  BN RN....made his debut in the obedience and rally rings October 10, 11, and 12. His wonderful momma and he FINISHED TWO TITLES in one weekend. Flash finished his BN in three straight runs, with a score of 199 for each and every leg! WOW!! But he wasn't done...He and Jess also finished his Rally Novice title at the same show, earning a perfect  score his first time out, and the other two scores of 97 and 90. So Mr. Flash is living up to his name!! Congrats to Flash and Jess. You know how proud we are of you guys! Here are his win pics from the weekend....

Flash's momma Dinah Mo earned another UD leg from the Utility B class at the Fraser Valley show in Cloverdale on Sunday (Thanksgiving)....she's just trying to keep up with her son...lolol!  Good girlie Dinah mo....earning a few more MOTCH points for her efforts!! 

home from another great weekend at the Mount Cheam Obedience trial. Saturday Dinah Mo picked up another OTCHx leg, #3 towards her MOTCH. Sunday she and I won the Open B class! Proud of my girlie!!

It's been a busy summer....lots of news to share, and a few brags to chirp about as well!

Last long weekend of the summer, we headed up to Kamloops for the Herding and Working Specialty, and the all breed shows over the weekend. More great brags to share from the weekend.

Dinah mo and I had a nice utility run on Saturday, and she won the High Scoring Working Dog prize from the U/B class. On Sunday Dinah earned her second OTCHx leg....go MO....we are well on our way towards that MOTCH!

Daughter DJ and I played in the breed rings all weekend in Kamloops. Miss DJ showed like a rock star...our team work is improving and I had a blast showing off my pretty little girlie!  Judges thought she was pretty too...on Saturday we were awarded BOW, beating a large handsome male,  at the working/herding specialty show! And on Sunday, our international judge awarded DJ BOS over a special. What a great weekend!!

DJ's BOW win from the working and herding specialty

and some candids from the ring from Sunday (DJ was awarded BOS)

and Saturday and the specialty...

Dinah Mo rocked it for her first double Q in Open B and Utility B, and her first  OTCHx leg (wahoo!) towards her MOTCH at the Labrador Retriever Club's Obedience trial in Maple Ridge on the Saturday. On Sunday, despite the heat, my watch stopping, which made us a 1/2 hour late getting to the show site, only to find out we were the first team in, in the utility B ring...Dinah came thru for me, like she always does, and we not only qualified, but were HIGH IN CLASS, which is another requirement (one HIC from either the U/B or Open B classes). She melted on the long sits...(it was very hot in the building), but still earned points for the Q in utility.

Win pics with Dinah mo....I am just incredibly proud of this girlie!

Daughter DJ earned her first leg towards her PCD on the Saturday as well. Here she is with her nice big ribbon and her prize she won by qualifying. She  celebrated with a swim in her pool!

We are also very happy to share some great health brags. So far 6 of the Jazz tones have had their required OFA health screens, which includes hips and elbows (screened for dysplasia), OFA eyes, and OFA cardiac. All results are posted on the OFA website.  Tedi, DJ, Angel, Ari, Flash, and Zion have received, or are eligible to receive their OFA CHIC numbers. As a breeder, it is incredibly satisfying to know my puppy people are every bit as committed to the future of our wonderful breed as I am. I am thankful they are so responsible and thank each and every one who have completed the health screens. I am hoping we'll have the entire litter CHIC'd in the next few months!

We attended the Richmond Dog Fanciers Obedience Trial June 21 and 22...Miss DJ finished her Rally Novice title from the B class at the first trial on Saturday AM with a respectable score of 98 and a third place finish. We moved up to Rally Advanced B for the afternoon trial, and yup, she did it again earning her first RA leg and again, a nice third place finish and a score of 96. Sunday DJ earned the last two legs and finished her Rally Advanced title (with a little help from uncle Tony Kim who took her in for her last leg). They rocked the RA ring with a great run, a second place finish (missing HIC by 1/16 of a second on time) and a lovely 98. Wow! two rally titles in one weekend, super proud of you DJ!!

Finishing her RN on Saturday... Mommy was as pleased as punch!

Flash representing our breed in the most positive light. His momma Jessica and Flash attended a 4H camp this past weekend as well...and he showed all the kids how wonderful the Rottweiler is....here are a couple of pictures from the event. I am incredibly proud of them both!

Flashie you look pretty comfie on that lap!!! Great job!

May 2014

So very proud of the baby bean....aka DJ. We earned our first CKC title (of any sort) on the long weekend, out at Downriver Farms. DJ earned her HTs, with two nice qualifying runs, and great compliments from both our judges. Love my little girlie!! She is definitely following in her daddy's footsteps....those are big paws to fill, and she's doing a great job in helping to heal my broken heart.

thanks Jan for these great candids outside the herding arena!

a little pep talk before heading into the ring for our run! :-)

My pretty girlie relaxing in the grass before our run!

April 2014

DJ is Winner's Bitch at the Rottweiler Club of Canada's Regional Specialty held on Sunday April 20 (happy Easter to me!). As a new breeder, this lovely and fun win came from the Canadian Bred class (I hadn't planned to show her myself or I would have put her in Bred By). I am super proud of this wonderful win, under esteemed judge Mrs. Betty Leininger, who judged BIS at Westminster earlier this year.

And one of our darling Jazz tones, Angel and Tony earned their first Rally Advanced B leg at the Rottweiler only obedience and rally trial on Friday at our Specialty. I am super proud of the two of them!

HIC Way to go you guys. I am so super duper proud of you both!

and I had the pleasure of running Gavin in Rally...proud to say I helped him finish his RE, earning his last leg with a HIC as well...handsome AND smart, that's how I love my boys!

At the Golden Retriever Ob and Rally trial Angel and Tony had a GREAT weekend...earning a shiny new PCD AND their RN

DJ earned her first two Rally Novice B legs at the same Trial and a HIGH IN CLASS as well

Tony and Angel ROCK the rally novice ring earning their RN in THREE straight tries, and a perfect score along the way (and two high in classes, from the Rally Novice B ring!)  They are already becoming QUITE the team together!

My pretty and smart Dinah Mo earned her first herding title (and with only ONE herding lesson, a week prior to us coming down for the trial!) A brand new JHD for the Mo!

and not to be out done, her daughter DJ also earned her JHD...I am super proud of my little monkey! And she's danged proud of herself!

Love my girlies!!!