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Happy Howlidays!

Sooo excited....Dinah passed her health clearances, talk about a happy birthday --- here is the link to her CHIC # on the OFA website


November 27, 2010

Miss Ella earned her second CDX leg at the show in Cloverdale, BC on Saturday. Miss Ella earned two legs in her first two attempts....I am extremely proud of my girl! She's really awesome!

November 21, 2010

Home from the show in Monroe, Wa. Miss Dinah took Winner's Bitch. This was a wonderful weekend, as she also had her OFA's done. Looks like her elbows are clear, her hips will pass (vet thought at least GOOD) and also had her heart cleared by the cardiologist at the show.  A GRAND weekend indeed!

The October issue of Total Rottweiler Magazine is out....honouring my heart and soul in this issue

and I just couldn't be prouder of my kids...they published the story of Jazz and Ella's heroics in this issue of TTRM as well...

November 1, 2010

Had a fabulous weekend at the Tradex show in Abbotsford BC with all three of my wonderful kids:

Kicking off the weekend Miss Dinah -MITE took BOSS at the Peace Arch Working and Herding Specialty

It was Jazz's day to show on Friday - he took HIC at both the Rally trials - earning a 99 followed by a PERFECT SCORE for his second run in Rally Ex. B.

If that wasn't enough...on Saturday it was Miss Ella's day to shine...and shine she did, so brightly! Ellla earned her first CDX leg, first time in the ring with a lovely score of 191 (and just out of the placements by a point). I was thrilled to bits with her!

Rounding out our weekend, Miss Dinah made her debut in the obedience ring, earning her very first Pre-Novice leg on Sunday. I was super proud of her - and she received several nice compliments on her work ethic and her attitude in and out of the ring!

September 19, 2010

Home from a wonderful weekend in beautiful Wenatchee, Wa. Dinah-mite earns another breed point, taking WB on Sunday at the show. Dinah also earned TWO Rally Excellent legs, taking 4th place on Saturday.

Winner's Bitch.... :-)

August 29, 2010

Home from the show in Redmond Wa. Miss Dinah finished her RA in fine style, earning two first placements and finishing with a perfect score!

Her finishing pic... :-)

We placed in our large and competitive open class two days - taking 3rd on Friday and 2nd on Saturday - I'm so pleased, our teamwork is REALLY coming together in the breed ring.

July 5, 2010

Home from an 11 day trip South of the border. We attended two shows, one in Canby, Oregon and the other in Mount Vernon Washington (sandwiched in 5 days on the Oregon Coast on the beach with the kids and hubbie :-) What a fantastic trip:

Jazz finished his AKC UD - taking first place and was high scoring Rottweiler on Saturday in Mount Vernon.

Got not one win pic, but two taken (by two different photographers) to celebrate our win :-)

The first one...

and the second one...

click on the pic to see us finishing our UD

Dinah took BOW at the same show for her very first AKC breed point. Owner handled by Momma :-) (how sweet is THAT???)

Dinah finishes her RN at the Canby show - earning first place AND A PERFECT SCORE.

Dinah shows in Rally Advanced, places first again with a score of 99 (out of 100.  Not bad Miss D - first time off leash in the ring :-)

I am on cloud NINE.....permanently.

May 27, 2010

Win pics from Nationals arrived today....so excited to see them :-)

My heart and soul and I - UD leg #2 - what a thrill to earn it at our first ARC Nationals! I was (and still am) on cloud 9!)                          Click on the pic to see our qualifying run.


Miss Ella finished her Rally Excellent B title at Nationals...she earned two legs at the show in Colorado! Good girlie Ella Bella!

Miss Dinah- MITE earned her first Rally Novice leg, with a really lovely performance and a second place finish...and a score of 99 out of 100. She is just too much fun!!

and the icing on the cake was Dinah taking V-2 from the 12-18 month old bitches class at the very first ARC National Sieger show, which was held on the Sunday in Greeley. It was cold and wet and VERY windy by the time we got our pic taken, but I was still absolutely beaming with how well my girlie showed for me! Owner/handler to this win made it all the sweeter!

Some video of Dinah and me in the breed ring in the 12-18 month old bitches sweepstakes class...we didn't place, but we made the cut  (and came darned close!) which was pretty exciting for her momma --among all those pro handlers especially :-)

dinah sweeps 15-18 months old ACR nationals 2010.mpg

April 30, 2010

Home from our very first ARC Nationals...what a trip and we ended up with a nice tally :-):

Jazz earns UD leg #2 - taking HIC in his utility A class...he had the highest score of the A/B combined, and earned an extra rosette because he was the highest scoring Rottie with a herding title. Jazz was only 1 of 2 dogs to qualify from the utilty A and B classes combined that day.

Ella finished her Rally Excellent title - earning her last two legs -- and she also earned a special award for having 'the most entertaining run' of her class on Friday :-)

Miss Dinah and I didn't quite make the cut in her large and competitive sweepstakes class - we were just out of the placements...taking 5th - I was thrilled as all the bitches in front of us had the big name handlers at the other end of their leashes :-)

Miss Dinah also made her Rally Novice debut, with a really nice performance and a lovely score of 99 and SECOND PLACE :-)

and the icing on the beautiful cake was the Sieger show (first ARC National Sieger show) where my Dinah and I took V-2. It was a large (21 bitches entered) and again, many of the top handlers were showing the bitches in our class. Boy, what a sweet way to finish Nationals. I beamed the entire way home :-)

April 5, 2010

BIG weekend for Miss Dinah at the Renaissance DF show in Chilliwack, BC. On Saturday she took BOS (beating two a bitch that is  currently being specialed in the US :-) and on Easter Monday....

SHE TOOK BOB :-)  Very happy mommy

BOS on Saturday

March 28, 2010

First show of the year for the Rankin clan and boy we got off to a BANG! :-)

The Jazz man earned his first AKC UD leg at the Bremerton show in Wa. with a FIRST PLACE FINISH! Very cool indeed!

His sis Miss Ella earned her first Rally Excellent B leg at the same show, tying for FOURTH place (lost on time) and with a lovely score of 96.

And the Bean (Miss Dinah- MITE)  took reseve Winners in the breed ring at the same show.

OK - I am over the moon officially....in addition to Jazz's Dogs in Canada Top 10 placement for obedience in Rottweilers, he  also made DIC Top 10 in the OVERALL WORKING GROUP!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! and THIS he accomplished in 6 trials in Canada....Yup, he made every leg count, THAT is for sure!!! Stay turned, I'll be bragging about my Jazz man to the world in the August issue of Dogs in Canada.

Another HUGE accomplishment for my Jazz man...He makes the Top 10 Dogs in Canada in Open Obedience for 2008.....Watch for the news in the August issue of Dogs in Canada magazine....:-)

May 17, 2009

Dinah makes her AKC debut in the breed ring....she was a perfect lady in the ring, and looked wonderful both days at the Mount Baker Kennel Club show in Lynden Wa. We got a lot nice compliments from both judges AND some of the competitors ring side, and the judge on Saturday looked like she really thought about putting my baby up :-)....I'm one proud momma!

Look at my little show girl....I was sooo happy with her performance in the ring this weekend - she looked and more importantly, behaved wonderfully for Taryn

April 2009....

New Dinah and Jazz pics...Dinah April 2009

April 19 2009

Jazz makes the ARC TOP TEN for 2008 in Open Obedience --- with only 4 trials!

just look at that movement...by far, she was the best trotter in her 3-6 month puppy class :-)

Jazz took V2 in his Champion class both days

the boy can MOVE!!! Gotta run to keep up with him, that is for sure!

March 21, 2009

ELLA-mazing!!!!! Ella earns her first leg towards her CD with a beautiful debut at the BC Retrievers Show in Cloverdale, BC. Miss Ella earned a lovely score of 196.5 and a second place finish. (We lost by .5 to the first place team. YEAH for Ella!!!!)

January 5, 2009

She's HERE!!!! Jim and I are absolutely thrilled to welcome our newest addition to the family, Miss Dinah-mite! She was the yellow puppy of the litter....and she's very cute :-)

Click here to see more puppy pics of Karla's M babies! http://www.phantomwood.com/puppies 

June 2008

Ella is HIC at the Doberman Club of BC's Sanction Rally Match!

a pic with Ella and her 'loot' and her ribbon

Of course she had to 'sample' her ribbon...just to make sure it tasted ok :-)   Good Girl Ella! She makes me so happy AND proud!