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DJ is maturing into a pretty young lady....these were taken  March 2015

Just like her dad used to love to do when we went to the Oregon...world class log jumper in the making!

loves to swim in the ocean...or anywhere, just like her daddy too!

free stacking!

new game! We've started carting together!

Git it!

with her pretty mommy Dinah mo

pretty DJ hanging out

with her Auntie E....getting a bit of a 'life lesson' ;-)

playing with momma

wow, this digging thing....who knew? Loads of fun!

chasing mommy in the tall grass

my pretty puppy!


yes, she is a little brat sometimes, but a very cute little brat! She makes us laugh!

me and my daddy!

cutie pie!

Mommy and me

stacked at 11 weeks

love my daddy

definitely...a daddy's girl!