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Zirk Creek Ah Put A Spell On U  

DJ is our keeper...and she is a TON of fun! We see so much of both her mommy Dinah and her daddy Jazz in her...she is a very special little girlie.

Family photo....mommy, daddy and baby DJ

DJ and mommy

naughty AND cute (she's got a mouthful of dirt in this one :-))

practicing our stack, 10 weeks old


Pretty sweet when you live on the water!Fishing with her daddy Jim

Zirk Creek Another Star

Tedi and Aidon

Darling Tedi

Zirk Creek At Last

Zion with his Daddy

now that's a comfy bed!

All That Flash


Flashie among the ferns

Zirk Creek All The Right Moves


Pretty Ari

Zirk Creek Allegro Angel Face

This is Angel, owned and loved by the Kim family

thanks to Poi Apeles...great pics of Tony and Sue and Trevor's little girlie!

Zirk Creek And I Love Her

Meet Piper!

pretty girlie!

She's already got the free stack figured out...what a girl!

Zirk Creek A Ring Of Fire

She is loved dearly already by her daddy Blake, and her mommy Alanna

She looks so much like her mommy, the same sweet face!