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Happy Howlidays!

November 25, 2012

I had just a great weekend at the Elsie Murray show in Cloverdale, BC. Dinah mo took BOS on Friday (the only day I showed her in breed). Sat and Sun Jazz and I competed in Open and Utility...four for four lovely Q's and two bumper OTCHX legs for the Jazz man, and a third place in Open on Sat (195.5) and a SECOND place finish in the utility B class on Sunday (193.5). This was Jazz's last time in the obedience ring. He is now officially retired from the OB rings. I am so incredibly proud of my boy....it's been nothing short of an amazing career in the obedience rings. Multiple HIT's, many wonderful performances in both CKC and AKC obedience. Love my boy, my novice A dog, with all my heart! Onto tracking, and maybe back to herding with my Jman!

November 5, 2012

A week later, we headed down to the Lynden Wa. obedience trial where Dinah trialed in the Open B class, and gave me two very nice rounds (again, first time out since having her babies in July!) with great scores and a solid performance Saturday and Sunday. I was super proud of my girlie!

October 27, 2012

Dinah Mo Made her triumphant return to the breed ring after whelping her large litter this past summer. Miss Mo was in fine form and took BOSS at the Working and Herding Specialty at the BIG Tradex show on October 28...Owner/Handled by her mommy, of course!

Tedi and DJ made their 'debut' in the breed ring at the RCC Regional Specialty on Oct 6, 2012. Both were entered in the baby puppy class and I had a ball showing them off!  Here are the 'win' pics from a great day!

Darling Tedi! He was such a good boy at the show, and it was a long day for the babies!

DJ and her mommy...what fun!!!!

of course that wasn't the ONLY fun thing that happened at this show...on Sunday my darling Jazz man finished his CKC MOTCH in very fine style, earning a 198 from the Open B class, and a 197 from the Utility B class! What an amazing ride it's been with my boy....

Happy Canada Day people!! Dinah gave birth to NINE beautiful babies on July 1, 2012

happily nursing

a passel of puppies!!

Purple Girl...milk coma!

Forest boy getting loved on by his Grampy

Pretty Pinkie

Red Girl

Handsome Royal Blue boy

Yellow girlie

June 10, 2012

Jazzy is FOUR for FOUR!!! Q's that is...this past weekend Jazzy earned 2 Double Q's (which means he racked up TWO more OTCHx legs toward his MOTCH :-)) Nice solid work from the J'man in both open B and utility B...the quest from the MOTCH with my best boy is on the horizon!!! What a great weekend for me and my boy!

June 3, 2012

Jazz earns BACK to BACK High in Trials at the GSD obedience trial in Fort Langley BC. Both were from the Open B class. In addition, on Sunday Jazz and I had the HIGH COMBINED score in open and utility. Whatt a guy, whatta weekend!!

my boy and me.....so super proud of Jazz!

April 15, 2012

Attended the Dumbbell obedience trial at the George Preston Centre in Langley, BC. Jazzy had a gorgeous open B run on Saturday, two near misses in utility B...and also had great Veteran ob runs, with a score of 199 on Saturday...had a ball with my darling veteran Jazzman.

March 17 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day...and a very happy day it was at the Golden Retriever Trial of BC's annual obedience trial....Today Miss Dinah Mite finished her CKC CDX with a lovely run and a great score of 195.5 and my darling Jazz man thrilled me to bits earning his first OTCHx points....beating his sister in Open B with a lovely score of 196.5, (and the only qualifier in his utility class) with a nice score of 190. in the afternoon, Jazz and I had a ball in the Veteran OB ring...Jazzy still loves his novice work!! On  Sunday Dinah earned a bonus CDX leg with another nice run and Jazzy scored 196.5 AGAIN and earned second place in his class.

proud, proud mommy...our first OTCHx points....so happy with my boy!

again...still beaming. Miss Dinah earns her CKC CDX in fine style!

January 2012

Home from a long 9 day circuit in the US. Started in Puyallup Wa. where Miss Dinah mo finished her CDX on the Saturday, with a nice run and a 3 place. Sunday AND Monday she earned two more bonus CDX legs, with first and second placements, and also on Monday she took BOS in the breed ring for more GCH points.

We then headed to the big Rose City shows in Portland, where Dinah earned TWO more CDX legs with first and third placements.

Retrieve on Flat

Recall on Drop on Recall....perfect front!

Jazz was entered in Vet breed, had a BALL showing off my beautiful veteran, and he had a blast running around the ring. Jazzy also had two awesome vet ob runs, taking 1st place on Wed night, and on Saturday earning second place with a great score of 197.5 from a very large and very competitive class of incredible veterans...it was an honour to be a part of that gorgeous class for sure.

Jazz and Mom in the Vet ob ring...what fun!

taking off on our fast off leash heeling

Stand for Exam....happy guy!

Of course the highlight of my weekend was showing Jazz and Dinah in the brace ob class. Brought a lot of laughs and giggles from both outside the ring AND inside from the judge and me! They certainly put their own spin on doing brace, but managed to qualify somehow LOL! 

Candids from the Special's ring with my Dinah MO

Up and back....looking good girlie

and a couple of handsome Gavin on the go around!

so handsome!

Home from the Lynden, Wa obedience trial. Miss Dinah-MITE made her debut in the CDX class earning her first TWO CDX legs, with a High in Class and a beautiful score of 197 and later the same day, earning her SECOND CDX leg and a second place finish! Go Dinah!!

some ring candids from Lynden Wa

Home from a fabulous weekend at the Tradex show in Abbotsford, BC. Jazz, my darling veteran earned a CDX leg and second place with a fabulous score of 197.5 on Saturday. On Sunday he took BOB Veteran at the all breed show.

Later on Sunday, Dinah took BOSS at the working and herding specialty! Fun times!!!

Dinah BOSS Working and Herding Specialty at the Tradex

Darling Veteran Jazz man taking 3rd place and a beautiful score of 197.5 at the tradex show in Open B

BOB Veteran Jazz man!  Being naughty and trying to get the toy :-)

October 2011

My darling Jazz man received his award from the Rottweiler Club of Canada. Jazz was inducted into the RCC Hall of Fame....I am so over the moon proud of my boy!

Dinah's ad in Total Rottweiler Magazine, Fall 2011

Home from the Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers show in Cloverdale, BC. What a GREAT weekend. Dinah finished her CKC CD with an incredible performance, a HIC from the Novice B class and a score of....drum roll please.... 199 (out of a possible 200). Then as a follow up....I showed her in the conformation on the Thanksgiving Monday, and she took BOB!!!!! What a gal!!!!

look at that attention...beautiful!

High in Class Ribbon for Miss Dinah-MITE nice way to finish your CKC CD Miss Mo!!

new CD

BOB on the Monday....